Mastering the Buyer’s Journey

Customer-centric content across the buyer’s journey turns prospects into lifelong customers

The buyer’s journey is the process a prospect goes through leading up to a purchase. They start by recognizing a need. Then they consider their options, make a decision and judge the outcome. Your task is to deliver relevant and engaging content at each stage to guide them toward your brand.

1. The Awareness Stage
When potential customers become aware of a problem, they begin looking for information to help them solve it. They may not be aware of your company, so you need to help them find you by delivering relevant content at the right moment. This stage is often when buyers first discover and interact with your brand.

2. The Consideration Stage

In this stage, buyers have defined their need and are considering their options. Although they may be aware that your business offers a solution, they’re still evaluating the competition, comparing prices and determining which company is the best fit. You want to present content that is helpful and unbiased — and differentiates you from competitive offerings.

3. The Decision Stage

This stage is where buyers choose which product or service they prefer and make a purchase. If you’ve done a good job of educating them and presenting potential solutions in an engaging and respectful way, there’s a good chance they’ll consider your company.

4. The Nurture Stage

Your customers are important. After you are engaged with them, you need content that shows you care about them beyond their conversion into customers. A happy customer is not only more likely to recommend you to others, they’re also more likely to be a repeat customer — and perhaps even a brand advocate.

Create an engaging and content-rich buyer’s journey

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