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We believe a slogan should clearly describe who you are and what you do. Here’s what our slogan means for you.

We write for enterprises
We’re trained storytellers
We know technology
We capture the imagination of buyers
Put us to the test

One team to write them all

To develop one of the top enterprise writing teams in the country, we brought together experts from many storytelling backgrounds — television, film, business, journalism, video, radio, digital, social and publishing.

Over the past two decades, we’ve expanded our writing skills to cover every content type across the buyer’s journey — from videos and infographics to thought leadership and e-books to case studies and white papers and web copy. We do it all.

We write about dozens of technologies — from AI, machine learning, blockchain, digital, cloud, 5G, business applications and analytics to IT security and DevOps.

And we write for over 20 industry verticals — including retail, healthcare, financial services, telecom, energy and government.

By bringing together this team with expertise across content types, technologies and industries, we’ve developed our seven-step method to help you connect with your customers across the buyer’s journey.

It started with storytelling — a word about our founder

At the core of effective marketing is good storytelling. During his 30 years as a creative expert, Robert McLellan has worked with some of the biggest names in television and technology. An Emmy award–winning writer/producer, he’s a trained storyteller.

In 1994, Robert realized that TV viewers and technology decision-makers had a lot in common — they both wanted to be told a great story. He saw the opportunity for technology companies to connect with customers by striking the right balance between carefully crafted storytelling and technology expertise.

Over the years, Robert and his leadership team have hand-picked the best writers, editors and content creators from technology, business, journalism, and Hollywood to deliver enterprise-class, customer-centric content and services to technology leaders like you.

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