Our Seven-Step Method

We’ve shown you the value of enterprise-class, customer-centric content to help you attract and engage your customers and prospects. Let’s look at the process more closely.

You can do any one of these steps individually — or you can do them all together

1. Discover:

We research your brand and your position in the marketplace. We identify advantages to be exploited. We study your competitors and where you differentiate. We pinpoint leaders in other industries who are doing innovative marketing that might have relevance to you.

2. Strategize:

We identify the strengths of your solutions and how they meet the needs and pain points of your customers. We use this information to develop a messaging framework that maps to your solution benefits, proof points and customer stories.

3. Create:

This is where our years of storytelling kick in. We develop creative approaches using our honed story skills. We align these stories with the messaging framework to connect customer touchpoints across the buyer’s journey.

4. Execute:

In this step, we bring your content to life. We input the discovery, strategy and story points into the content creation process along with information on your brand, solutions and customer use cases using our team approach.

5. Scale:

We can scale your content across all solutions and every part of your organization — including magazines, events, website, business units and even your partner organizations. Whether it’s five assets or fifty, we ensure consistency across all content.

6. Manage:

Manage is the sixth step in our process, but it’s really the foundation under everything we write for you — providing a tracking system that keeps you informed every step of the way.

7. Advise:

Whether you’re planning new content or updating existing assets, we share our knowledge to help you identify any gaps and strengthen your content across the buyer’s journey. This allows you to produce less content but with greater impact.

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