Customer-Centric Content

Your customers’ expectations are higher than ever

They want content at their fingertips that is fresh and relevant and helps them solve problems. They want it to be clear and easy to understand — and they want it now. Welcome to the digital age.

When you understand your customers and what they’re looking for, you can create content with their best interest in mind. Here are five best practices we follow to help you deliver customer-centric content.

1. Know who your customers are

The better you know your customers, the easier it will be to attract new ones and engage existing ones. Researching and developing personas can give you a clear idea of who your customers are, the problems they face and what they want to achieve.

2. Define what they’re looking for

Your customers are searching for answers to their challenges. By understanding the path they follow from initial interest to final purchase, you can create content that guides them along the way.

3. Craft content specifically for their needs

When you think carefully through what your customers are looking for and what would appeal to them, you can craft your messaging in a way that speaks to their specific needs.

4. Talk to them in a language they understand — their own

Speak directly to your customers in a friendly and conversational manner. By doing so, you’ll be more effective in capturing their attention and interest. This alone will help you stand out from your competitors.

5. Connect your messaging across the buyer’s journey

It’s essential that you identify what your customers desire at each stage of the buyer’s journey — and then connect those messages to create an end-to-end story. This will help you deliver the right content just when they need it.

Deliver personalized content that fits your customers’ needs

Don’t forget to ask your customers what they think along the way. Make it easy for customers to leave comments and suggestions at the end of every communication. They’ll appreciate your efforts to make your content more useful and appealing.

By combining these practices with our own unique method, which we call enterprise-class writing, we can help you capture the attention and interest of your customers with personalized content that fits their needs.

FIS Global captures the attention of the C-suite with personalized content

FIS Global used customer-centric content across the buyer’s journey to attract the C-suites of leading financial institutions with a digital lending story.

See how they did it.

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