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WTaaS Benefit 5


5. ALWAYS AVAILABLE (7 days a week)

You need enterprise-class writers—and you need them right now. But where do you find a large team of qualified writers that knows your brand, can write a broad range of marketing assets—and is always available even if it’s last minute? That’s us.
Meet the McLellan Creative Writing Team—your writing resource for instant response to sudden opportunities.

What if you had the best enterprise writers at your beck and call? We write every kind of deliverable – collateral, video, thought leadership, social—everything. We deliver consistent brand messaging across all assets. We distinguish your solutions from competitors.
Tech Savvy
You need great writing to create compelling and effective campaigns. But just as important as powerful copy is a deep understanding of the technology behind your solutions. Every writer on our team has at least 10 years of technology writing experience. We’re battle tested.
Instantly Scalable
You need writing resources ready to scale to any size of project. We have the infrastructure in place so you can hand off five (or 500) deliverables. And we manage every stage of the writing and review process—so you don’t have to. It’s seamless.
We help you hit your deadlines—every time.
It’s really that simple. You want it good. You want it within budget. You want it fast. We’re always available and we respond quickly to whatever you need—when you need it.
Since 1994, we've been helping technology leaders like you scale instantly to meet the changing needs of business.

Scan these 30 second success stories and see how fast we scale
Hitachi – 12 Assets in 3 Weeks
Unisys – 10 Global Case Studies in 6 Weeks
Verizon – 6 Thought Leadership Papers in 3 Weeks

Get always available writing now (just one of the benefits of WTaaS).
Call: 541-488-2270

Read more about the 6 Benefits of Writing Team as a Service
  1. ENTERPRISE-CLASS WRITING (across the team)
  2. EXTREMELY CREATIVE (for captivating campaigns)
  3. TECH SAVVY (nothing scares us)
  4. INSTANTLY SCALABLE (we're ready now)
  5. ALWAYS AVAILABLE (7 days a week)
  6. PAY-AS-YOU-GO (simple enough?)
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