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WTaaS Benefit 2


2. EXTREMELY CREATIVE (for captivating campaigns)

 If you want campaigns that make your competitors wish they were born in a different era, you need an edge. We call it “Extremely Creative.”  
It’s the spark:
Imagine ideas that bounce off the page with energy and excitement. Fresh, exciting copy grounded in truth, yet outside the normal B2B messaging. Intriguing impressions that stay with your customers and leave them wanting more.
It’s the story:
A unique story that engages the customer from the first word and keeps them there to the last. Context that shows your products, solutions and company in a unique way. And narrative that energizes and engages prospects and clients.
It’s the language:
Extremely creative uses expertly chosen words that tell a meaningful story. It uses statements that powerfully communicate your brand. And it’s enterprise-class language all the way.
It’s the execution:
Your campaign must perform across every step of the buyer’s journey. Each channel must be a unique expression of the theme. Every content asset must works seamlessly together—from social to web to video and more.

Get campaigns from the source of extreme creativity.

Who better to deliver extreme creativity than a team of 20 writers who are grounded in storytelling since 1994?

See these extremely creative 30-Second Success Stories:
Verizon – “Six in Three”
Hitachi – “Tell Them a Great Story”
Unisys – “Managing Multiples”
Trend Micro – “Journey to Success”

Tap into our creativity with Writing Team as a Service™ now.
Call: 541-488-2270

Read more about the 6 Benefits of Writing Team as a Service
  1. ENTERPRISE-CLASS WRITING (across the team)
  2. EXTREMELY CREATIVE (for captivating campaigns
  3. TECH SAVVY (nothing scares us)
  4. INSTANTLY SCALABLE (we're ready now)
  5. ALWAYS AVAILABLE (7 days a week)
  6. PAY-AS-YOU-GO (simple enough?)
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