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 30-Second Success Stories


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Stories change the way we think, act and feel—and they're a great way to get your prospects and customers to take action.

Scan a 30-Second Success Story in less time than it takes to finish your espresso and contact us to find out more about bringing the art of storytelling to your technology.
Infographics = Powerful Storytelling x Distinctive Design

Vertical: IoT for Manufacturing and Energy
Company: Hitachi
Need: Infographics to tell client case study stories at-a-glance.
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Powerful Web Presence Starts With Strong Storytelling
Vertical: Digital Solutions and Management Consulting
Company: Hitachi Consulting
Need: Web presence transformation via upgraded storytelling.
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Engaging the Power of Storytelling via Video
Vertical: Cloud Apps and Platform Services
Company: Oracle
Need: Video storytelling to engage customers and prospects with end-to-end cloud application suite.
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IoT Technology Articles On Demand
Vertical: IT Components and Solutions Distributor
Company: Avnet
Need: Technical Articles Hightlighting Global Partnerships
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Powerful Digital Storytelling
Vertical: Cloud Apps and Platform Services
Company: Oracle
Need: Telling a story with interactive e-books from initial draft to final design.
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Global On-Demand Content Writing
Vertical: Computer Networking
Company: Cisco
Need: Enterprise writing support around the globe.
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Super-Sized Success Story Campaign
Vertical: Security Software
Company: Trend Micro
Need: Ongoing Success Story collateral campaigns
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One Consistent Voice
Vertical: Global Economics
Company: WEF-World Economic Forum
Need: Edit a 500-page global report including 70 case studies from 22 countries.
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Managing Multiples
Vertical: IT Services
Company: Unisys
Need: Create 10 case studies, including interviews, in six weeks.
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Six in Three
Vertical: Telecommunications
Company: Verizon
Need: Six thought leadership papers in three weeks.
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30-Second Success Stories
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