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Bring Storytelling to Your Telecommunications Technology

The mass adoption of digital technologies has reshaped today's telecommunications industry. Smartphones, tablets, the mobile Internet and cloud services have caused explosive growth in data traffic—creating new challenges and opportunities.
The McLellan Writing Team writes about a wide range of telecommunications technologies—from SIP trunking to CDMA and GSM to unified communications and broadband penetration. Our writers understand the importance of compliance with the FCC and other regulatory bodies, as well as the nuances of telecom technology topics.
Here are a few ways our writing team helps telecommunications technology leaders tell their technology story:
  • Charter Business develops white papers explaining the impact of Internet speed on productivity.
  • Hitachi creates success stories on storage infrastructure management for Swisscom.
  • Trend Micro crafts success stories on BT Global Services.
  • Unisys develops case studies on telecom operators in France.
  • Verizon composes white papers describing the benefits of unified communications for SMBs.
  • Verizon creates white papers on SIP trunking deployment and best practices.
  • World Economic Forum crafts thought leadership papers on global telecoms benefiting emerging nations.
Using one team to write all your telecommunications collateral ensures the articles, case studies, white papers, newsletters and other marketing collateral clearly and consistently communicate your vision and story. We're large enough to handle all of your writing projects, we know telecommunications technology and we scale rapidly to accommodate any size project.
At our core we're pure, quality writing—the kind that builds thought leaders and sells technology. And we're just down the [virtual] hallway when you need us.

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