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About the McLellan Team


Your Writing Team Just Down the [Virtual] Hallway.

Remember when you could turn to your in-house writers for any kind of deliverable? Here's something better.

The McLellan team of writers, researchers, project managers, and copy editors offers an unparalleled depth of technology experience, helping the world's largest and most innovative technology companies simplify their marketing writing process since 1994.

The McLellan Writing Team is:

  • Large enough to handle all of your writing projects
  • Knowledgeable in every area of technology
  • Experienced at scaling quickly to meet any size of project
  • Available to respond rapidly to changing marketing needs
  • Trained to manage every step of the content creation process
  • Capable of providing global translation and localization services

The McLellan Writing Team delivers a unique formula for serving the needs of our global clients. Four members of our writing team (lead writer, project manager, copy editor, and creative director) review every piece of writing we deliver, ensuring high quality, increased speed of delivery, and a cost savings over individual writers or the typical marketing agency.

About Robert McLellan
During his years as a writer and creative executive, Robert has worked with some of the biggest names in television and technology. An Emmy award-winning writer, his experience ranges from prime time TV shows to global technology marketing campaigns.
Since 1994, Robert has carefully built his team of hand-picked technology marketing writers, editors and researchers. Together, the McLellan Writing Team blends storytelling expertise with marketing prowess to deliver a unique value proposition for technology leaders.

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About the McLellan Team
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