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Campaign Development


Develop Powerful Marketing Campaigns

A successful product launch campaign includes creative, cohesive messaging that empowers your sales team, captures media attention, and drives customers to take action.

The McLellan Writing Team helps you develop the powerful messages that appeal to the needs, aspirations, and desires of your different audiences.

Messaging Overviews
Compelling messaging decks—including product descriptions, market research, positioning, audiences, value propositions, and more—to help you drive your campaign.

Comprehensive Sales Programs
Creative and detailed sales playbooks, presentations, demo scripts, and collateral to support and motivate your sales team and channel partners.

Collateral Development
Necessary materials for a complete, effective product launch including: customer presentations, product descriptions, FAQs, solution briefs, brochures, data sheets, web content, email messages, direct mailers, and white papers.

Integrated Campaigns
Planning a variety of touches to reach prospects and customers with a multiple channel approach—email, web marketing and direct mail—and deliver value-added content such as white papers, research reports, webinars, and podcasts to move them through the buying process.

Our team approach to campaign development ensures consistency throughout your marketing communications. A campaign-dedicated project manager keeps everything on track and makes it easier to track the details and guide your campaign’s successful development.

Ready to roll out a powerful campaign? Contact us.

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