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Avnet Articles Hightlight IoT Partnerships


Avnet Delivers Genius IoT Article Series

Easily Accessible Digital Articles Highlight Global Partnerships

Avnet Technology Solutions partners with leading technology organizations to bring its Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enterprises around the world. To showcase its co-created technologies, Avnet wanted to create dozens of enterprise-class technology articles for its Axiom online magazine. However, Avnet didn’t have the internal writing resources to simultaneously write all the articles for an aggressive launch date. Who could meet these stringent parameters? Writing Team as a Service (WTaaS).
Avnet chose WTaaS because of our years of writing experience about all of Avnet’s technologies, and our knowledge of all the partner IoT solutions including Microsoft, Intel, IBM and Texas Instruments. They also picked McLellan because of our large, enterprise-class writing team that could write all of the articles on the accelerated timeline.
  • We interviewed partner subject matter experts (SMEs) from Microsoft, IBM and more.
  • We researched the article topics to ensure we had the latest IoT information.
  • We wrote the articles in rapid fashion while also ensuring enterprise-class quality.
  • We edited all the articles to ensure they adhered to both Avnet and partner brands.
  • We managed the entire project from end-to-end so Avnet could focus on the launch.
Avnet now has a series of expertly-written articles covering its end-to-end IoT platform and solidifying its partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies. Best of all, because WTaaS is a writing utility, Avnet only paid for the articles they needed – when they needed them. And they can instantly re-engage WTaaS anytime they need more high-quality content – with no lapse in quality or speed.

View five Avnet IoT partner articles: Why WTaaS for Your Technology Articles?
You need great content to distinguish your technologies from competitors. Engage WTaaS – and set our highly-tuned team of writers in motion. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we get up to speed, our depth of technology expertise and the quality of our digital storytelling. After all, our roots are in Hollywood.
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